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Volunteers wanted

The Mangaka Network members are volunteer artists, enthusiasts of manga and anime, Japan-lovers who have worked together to launch off this site again. We are at the moment looking for people who can help us writing and publishing articles, becoming forum moderators, structuring image galleries and of course having lots of fun with our community!

For those willing to help, we will provide a forwarding email address for the time he/she is one of our volunteers!


Smiles 笑う

I personally have millions of good reasons to be smiling about the site launch. Since when I moved to Japan, I have always had the dream to open this site for the internet community, bought the domain name from the previous owner (my colleague btw), all ideas gathered, people signing up for the mailing list and so on... almost everything perfect.

Then, the world crisis came. And my work (yeah, I'm a worker ~_~) drained all my time and energy for a long time...

The new beginning

The Mangaka Network is online! Here you will find a constant source of information about the world of manga, tutorials, artists, news, Japan... We promise an interesting overview of feature articles, community accomplishments and learning topics.

This site is made for all fans of manga, anime and Japan. We encourage you to contribute with articles, tips, drawings, so that the entire community can benefit. Do not hesitate to send your artworks for comments, do not hesitate to write articles about any topics related to our interests! Be welcome!

Bookmark our site, and we hope you enjoy it!!!


Site launched! (beta)

I'm still working on minor details but the site navigation should be okay!

Thanks for all the support guys!!!


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