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Manga Eyes learn-by-example

Hello guys! Here's a new tutorial "learning-by-example" on different manga eye styles.

I think it's a good idea to print out and practice by copying, until you get used to the general patterns: where to place lights in pupils, where to shade, gradients, eyelashes.... Let me know your opinion via comments!


Figure Drawing Tutorial

Hey Guys! I apologize I haven't been able to contribute something but hope this would help mangaka's out there with the basic figure drawing tutorial which I myself find it helpful. To view this image you can right click save image as and zoom it yourself to read this simple tutorial by STUDIOQUBE. ^_^v Cheers!! Akane~

Hope you all enjoy!


Utada Hikaru This is the One

This is a bit offtopic, but for me it is still Japanese stuff and music (sung in English though). And I love her voice too!

Utada Hikaru This is the One

I've already bought Utada Hikaru's This Is the One, her latest album release. And I really loved it!!! This album is one of the better R&B albums out, and is also a good stand alone Pop record as well.


Art Drawing Pencils, Erasers and Blenders

The first tutorial on drawing materials. Pencils seem so ordinary that you might not have thought about them very much? Have you???Wink


How to draw Chibi characters

Hey have you ever wanted to draw the cute chibi characters? Then you now have the beginners' guide to SD characters!


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What is your favorite art software?

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