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Mangaka and the day after

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Hello everybody! Minna genki?

I'm so excited to write this news for you! It's been already 2 days since the opening!Smile So many people have already signed up for the website and made their comments on the way.

While the tutorials are already baking on the oven, the Gallery is becoming the hottest place in the meantime: Tessa-san, Kurisu-san,  Shaleshia-san, Kay-san,  sealxundercover-san and Angelina-san have already made their great contributions!

The next question is: what do you want to see? Image editing tricks? Drawing tutorials? Sketching with tablets? How to color?


If you have a art club at school or something like that, please let your friends know about the website! Anyone can suggest ideas or even contribute to the website with posts and contents!


Let's make this website the starting point for everyone who wants to be or who already is a MANGAKA.

Cheers to everyone!

Last Updated on Monday, 14 September 2009 10:42  


What is your favorite art software?

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