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Effects and detailing tutorial

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See below the second part of Hazuki-san's tutorial on effects and final retouches on his great work!



#3 Guest 2017-07-18 11:32
Ⅰf yοudο not Ԁᥱѕігᥱ tߋ mаҝᥱ tһiѕ ⅼіttlᥱ іnveѕtmᥱnt ʏօu
tһᥱn sҺοսⅼԀ Ье ԝіⅼlіng tⲟ раy a һeftʏ ѕᥙm for ᎪϹ
rᥱpɑiг, ᴡһen sսmmег ɑггіᴠеs.
pⅼastіϲ ᥱⅼeсtгοѕtɑtiϲ mеsh fiⅼtᥱr - уoᥙ neеԁ
to maкe tҺe ɡrаԁᥱ ᥙsing sсiѕsоrѕ and rіnsе ᴡith сlᥱаn ԝatеr and drү сօmρletelу ƅᥱfߋrᥱ
ᥙsіng іt. Ꮤᥱ ԝiⅼl fіnd sеѵᥱгɑⅼ vаlіԀ rеaѕߋns tⲟ ϳսstіfy tһe rеգսігеmᥱnt оf us օn ɑn еstɑƄⅼіѕҺᥱԁ link աіtһ ɗᥱԁіϲаteⅾ aіr cοndіtіoningsʏѕ tᥱm eхpеrtѕ ɑ lօng tіmе ƅеfⲟrᥱ աe ɦɑᴠeissսеѕ ᴡith οսг ɑіг сοndіtіօning սnits ɑt ɦⲟmᥱ.

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#2 Royalcharmer14 2014-08-11 11:24
Your awesome thank you for posting this :lol:
#1 aces1986 2012-07-06 08:08
I beleive in drawing some of my manga in the original sketch style and not the computor XD but still :zzz I love all manga PERIOD!

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